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Therapeutic Value of chimes

August 2, 2011
Author: Miagro2000

It did not take me long to find evidence of the therapeutic value of wind chimes.  Although I have benefited from it for many years, I was astounded by the many uses for chimes in the cause of therapy.  For example, the excerpt that I found today about a European Hospital;

Kay O’Keeffe, Director of Nursing at St. Olivers said “Many of our residents suffer from Parkinsons disease, Alzheimers disease or the effects of strokes or arthritis.  As mental functions decline with many of these conditions people operate more on a sensory level.  Positive sensory stimulation in the form of smell, touch, colour, sound of garden insects & birds or the wind blowing chimes is of enormous therapeutic value to these residents.  The gardens also provide memories from the past in what is now known as reminiscence therapy”.

Some of the comments from residents and family members include “it is magical to see the beautiful birds and colourful butterflies congregate in the garden”, “the garden helps to calm me when I become uptight”

It never ceases to amaze me how our mind and our senses are so intertwined with the natural healing process.  The power of wind chimes.

Flying the coup

July 23, 2011
Author: Miagro2000

I just ran across a bamboo wind chime with a mama bird watching over her nest.  It reminded me of a bird family that would always build their nest on the outside sill of my parents house.  Year after year the nest would be built there and we could watch as the babies grew.  I especially liked to watch them as they were being fed.  The delivery of the meal would arrive and the open mouths would all be pointed to the sky.  This would fascinate me for days until all of a sudden, I would look out the window to an empty nest.

This year, I visited my Father who still lives in that house.  I had missed the activities of my favorite bird family, but I did see the nest.  The babies had all flown the coup, but I stopped to ponder the activities that led up to this years empty nest…  and smiled.

Beautiful Garbage

July 20, 2011
Author: Miagro2000

I’ve been interested in ecology for many years and was very happy to learn that one of the companies we work with builds bird houses out of recycled plastics.  They are very pretty and the substances they are made from makes them extremely durable.

With our worlds’ landfills over flowing with plastic garbage, it’s great to know there is a use for some of the things we have been simply tossing out for so long.

Be sure to look for the recycled products we sell on

New WindChime Site in the works

July 15, 2011
Author: Miagro2000

WindSongWindChimes is preparing to unveil a NEW LOOK! 

To celebrate, we will be having a Grand Opening Sale on our vast supply of Wind Chimes.

We would also like to thank all of our customers whose loyalty and dedication have made all this possible.  We are even gearing up for Winter already.  Have you got your bird feeders ready yet?

Keep you eyes peeled, and as always, Keep a WindSong in your heart!!!

Bed and Breakfast hot spot

October 30, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

Once I open my bed and breakfast bird house, I need traffic with a well placed bird feeder. I call it my Flying Finch Feeder because the finches swoop in and take it over. That is, until a couple larger birds do an aggressive fly-by and the finches vacate in a hurry. It’s a little backyard entertainment that’s always a little different everyday. If you are into hummingbirds, wrens, robins or whatnots, the place to find a great variety of bird feeders at affordable prices is at our main website. Come visit us on our Wind Song Wind Chimes Facebook Fanpages.  If you ‘like’ our ‘Fans Only’ page, we’ll reward you with a great promo code to use on our site.

Hanging bird feeders

September 8, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

A hanging bird feeder is a really good thing!  You can put one pretty much anywhere and they attract all kinds of birds.

We had a hanging hummingbird feeder hanging on our deck and the hummingbirds would come by three or four times each day.   Some of our cook-out guests would duck when they heard them buzzing until we explained that they were birds, not bees.

Sometimes Birds Are Bullies

August 30, 2010
Author: Wind-Music

If you have a birdfeeder in your yard, you may have dealt with “bully birds”. Bully birds are usually blackbirds, grackles, house sparrows, and pigeons who want the birdseed in your feeder or on the ground and will chase away your favorite birds so they can inhale it all.

Bully birds are usually bigger than the birds you are trying to attract with your feeder, so try to limit accessibility of the feeding ports and keep the area under the feeder as free of seed and suet as possible to discourage pigeons. It can also be beneficial to eliminate favorite bully bird foods from your bird feeding area-they seem to prefer bread, corn, wheat and sunflower seeds.  Finches prefer hanging thistle bird feeders, while safflower seeds in hopper or tray feeders will appeal to cardinals, nuthatches, and chickadees.

A Heron Bird Feeder???

August 25, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

I think it is a rare treat to see a heron in a pond along the road.

My parents knew a lady who had a pretty, back yard water garden.  They said the lady complained a lot because she had problems with herons stealing the fish out of her pond as if it were a heron bird feeder.

I guess some of the herons were lazy.  It must be so much easier for herons to hunt for fish in a small garden pond rather than in an actual swamp or lake where they usually hang out.

Come to Jesus

August 24, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

A few years ago we had a long rainy period and large puddle formed alongside our church.  A Cardinal started making a habit out of flying up and tapping on the window next to the puddle during worship service every week.  We all found it amusing.

We couldn’t figure out what was causing him to do that.

Birds eat insects, so maybe he was trying to catch bugs against the window pane.  There were no bird feeders in the area.

Or maybe he was confused about where to fly because of reflections off of the puddle on the glass.  Eventually the puddle dried up and the bird stopped tapping on the window, so it must have had something to do with the puddle somehow.

Or maybe he found Religion!

To Feed a Mockingbird.

August 22, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

I used to eat Spaghettios almost everyday but I didn’t like the meatballs.  So instead of throwing them in the garbage I would throw them out back so they would be eaten by the birds and not go to waste.

I noticed a pair of Mockingbirds sitting on the fence and they seemed to be waiting for me to toss the meatballs out in the yard.

Seems they liked meatballs and learned to come by each day around lunch time to wait for the meat ball smorgasbord.  We had a bird feeder but the Mockingbirds seemed to like meat better than seeds.

So, I decided to try to use the meatballs and see if I could tame the Mockingbirds enough to get them to eat from my hand.

Instead of throwing all the meatballs out at one time, I saved them and threw two out at a time, one for each bird.  Then I started throwing them on the deck instead of out in the yard, then putting them closer and closer to the house.

Before long I had the birds coming by for breakfast, lunch dinner and sunset snacks where they would sit on the deck railing and wait for me.

It took a lot of time but it worked.  I got one bird to take meat balls out of my hand.

And then we started thinking about moving.  So I started feeding them only twice a day for a while, then once…then every other day.  It was nice, but I knew the Mockingbirds would be much better off if they didn’t depend on humans for their food supply.

I wonder if they make bird feeders that would dispense meat balls?