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The Country Life I Always Wanted

July 29, 2010
Author: Wind-Music

There are so many reasons why I wanted to move my family out of the city. The noise was deafening, we could hardly eat dinner without having to put earplugs in the traffic outside was so loud. The pollution was horrible. The air got to be so toxic that I almost wanted to wear a gas mask whenever I left my house. The kids had no room to play, unless you call an empty lot covered in garbage a playground.

So we finally did it, we moved out to the country and got the farmhouse we always wanted. I went crazy with the decorating and decided to go with a country theme. I even bought a couple of rustic birdhouses to place in the backyard so I could spend my summer mornings watching the birds.

Bamboo WindChimes

July 19, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

There’s this garden restaurant I’ve been to that has lovely romantic ambience. The garden is adorned with bamboo windchimes that play beautiful music every time it gets windy. The clicking of the bamboo chimes is so soothing.

Bamboo chimes are an alternative to the contemporary windchimes that are made of steel. They make a distinct sound that is as beautiful as the higher-pitched sound made by modern chimes. They are great when hung outdoors.

The Joys of Bird Watching

July 15, 2010
Author: Wind-Music

Bird watching is a lovely hobby that pairs perfectly with gardening. Setting up a lighthouse birdhouse would not only make for lovely outdoor d├ęcor but also attract some avian friends. Watching birds enjoying the feeds and chirping around is enjoyable, especially when you particularly like hanging out in the garden.

You’d be surprised at the different varieties of birds that may come to visit. Birds come in attractive colors and sizes. Some may even be seasonal birds, who happen to stop by en route to their destination. Other birds may even belt out lovely melodies that are relaxing to the ears.

Enjoying Your Chimes Year Round

July 1, 2010
Author: Wind-Music

Summertime is filled with vibrant colors and a profusion of avian wildlife, but during the winter months, gardens have a propensity to lose some of their luster. Many of the colorful birds that visit garden bird feeders will be venturing south for the winter. The crisp, refreshing taste of lemonade just seems out of place during any other season. The same is true of that sweet cherry pie aroma wafting from a nearby windowsill.

The sound of metal wind chimes is equally evocative of summertime, but, unlike many of the season’s other unique pleasures, it can be enjoyed all year long. Even if you’re not outside on the patio, basking in the afterglow of a hot summer day, you can still set up some wind chimes indoors. Just give them a quick brush with your hand and enjoy their melodious strains all over again. When the weather warms up again, just replace the chimes in their customary spot outdoors.