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Get the Cat!!!

September 28, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

Tonight, I’m feeling rather frustrated.  It is very hot and humid.  There is no wind to speak of.  The AC won’t kick on since it is not quite warm enough outside to trip the thermostat.  Yet the humidity still seems to find its way in.

Thankfully, we have an indoor chime with which the cat likes to play.  Not quite the soothing natural sounds that the wind make, but just enough to take my mind off of the worries of the day.  Whimsical chimes for a Whimsical cat.

Too Tired to Stay up?

September 27, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

I’ve got to admit, I’ve been putting off the posting for today.  Just sitting here next to the window, every now and then I can feel a slight breeze gently push thru the screen of my window.  A second later, I here the soft tang of the wooden clapper of my windchime.  I can barely hold my eyes open.  Goodnight everyone.

Got Mosquitoes

September 26, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

Our neighbor put up a couple of Purple Martin Houses in his back yard.  It was a pretty big project and all of us kids were very entertained watching them working at it.

They used huge poles that reached way up high into the air. 

But, it worked!  Purple Martins actually moved in very soon after the poles with the double decked houses were standing erect.

I don’t think the neighbors were satisfied though.  They expected the Martins to take care of the mosquito problem in their back yard.  We lived near a river and there were a lot of marshy areas all around the town, so mosquitoes were always a huge nuisance.

But the birds seemed happy.  They were always well fed because mosquitoes were always plentiful.

All the kings horses…

September 23, 2010
Author: DumpsterCat

Many members of my family have had cuckoo clocks.

My grandparents had one for as long as I knew them.

My husband had a cuckoo clock that his mother had given years before we met.

It hung on the wall in the house he lived in when he was single.  It hung on the house we lived in when we were first married, and it hung on the wall in the house we moved to a few years later.

It was a nightly routine for him to wind the clock just before he left for work each night.

Sometimes the clock would stop because it would shift just enough that it would be off center which caused the pendulum to stop swinging.

When that happened he would have to push the clock over just a tiny bit to center it again and then start the pendulum swinging again.

One night he was going through his nightly routine getting ready to leave for work and went to wind the cuckoo clock.  It had stopped, so after winding the weights up he went to push the clock ever so slightly with his finger.

It was like a scene out of a movie!  He touched the clock ever so slightly to push it to one side and WHAM!  Down it fell onto the floor, as if it was a movie scene in fast motion!

It broke into dozens of pieces.  It was so sad seeing my husband trying so hard to salvage the multitude of pieces from the floor, putting them into a box in hopes of having the clock repaired someday.

We eventually bought another cuckoo clock that was bigger and fancier but we never threw away the box with the broken cuckoo clock from his mother.

Where did I park my donkey?

September 22, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

I don’t know what it was called, but Whirligig would most likely fit.

My grand-dad had this cute little metal contraption in his yard.  It was a little donkey and cart that would move when the wind blew.  The donkey’s legs would kick out and the man on the cart would raise his hat.  When we were kids, we loved to wait for the wind so we could watch it work.  That was a long time ago and since then I’ve never seen anything like it in any stores.  I figured it was something that was popular way back in the good old days and you just couldn’t find them nowadays.  But I have seen these things called Whirligigs and they are somewhat on the same line of thinking.  I’m still waiting for some store to sell one with a donkey.

Those Cute Squirrels

September 21, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

We don’t have a squirrel feeder but squirrels are always running through our yard. 

I think they are really cute!

I know people who have bird feeders are always upset by squirrels eating their bird seeds out of their feeders.  Squirrels are larger than most birds so it takes a lot of birdseed to fill them up.  So they end up taking most of the food that is intended for the birds.

So squirrel feeders seem like a great idea to me!  That way, the squirrels can have their own place to eat and the birds can have theirs.  Let there be peace on earth and in our back yards.

Faith, Evidence of things unseen

September 20, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

I was enjoying the beautiful day today, sitting on the front steps.  I had not noticed a cloud all day long, but could feel the sun’s warmth on my skin, and the gentle breeze cooling me off.  My dog, sitting beside me, seemed just as caught up in my moment of relaxation.   We sat quietly as the wind played its gentle song on our wind chime, and the sun softly drifted into its daily slumber.

The Dream of the Girl Scout Leader

September 16, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

My Mother was a Girl Scout leader for as long as I can remember.  It was only in the last few years that she really started stepping back on her activities and finally “retired” this past year.  What she seemed to love most was teaching the girls all about the one thing that brought her more joy than anything else, crafts.  When I told her that my website was going to include dream catchers in our product line up, she was so excited.  She immediately ran to her craft room and presented dream catchers that she had made by hand over the years.  You could almost see the memories as they ran by her mind’s eye.  All the girls she watched grow up, and all the things she taught them along the way.  Least of all, was the art of dream catchers… 

Then she came back to the moment with an offer to teach us how to make them.  “It’s really easy!” she said.  More than dream catchers, I will always cherish the memories. 

Thanks Mom.

Sweet Dreams

September 15, 2010
Author: Miagro2000

We lived near marsh lands and there were always frogs singing as soon as warm weather arrived.  There were always these really high pitched peeps ringing through the night and we always wondered what frogs were making those sounds.

I decided to get a flashlight and go and find out once and for all.  I closed in on the sound and crept quietly up to where the sound was coming from.  I caught a tiny little frog only about one inch big.  Hard to believe something so small was making such a big noise.

When I moved away years later I found it was very hard to get to sleep at night.  I found that hanging a metal wind chime in my room near the fan made sounds much like the singing of the frogs.   Now I sleep like a baby!

Unique Houses

September 15, 2010
Author: Miagro2000


We have always enjoyed bird watching.  We have many trees in our neighborhood and have several creative birdhouses in the yard around our house.  We found we really like coming up with new ideas for unusual birdhouses.  We have an ongoing competition to see who can come up with the most unique birdhouse or the most decorative birdhouse.

Some of the ideas are really inspirational, but there have been some that have been real doozeys!  I doubt that even bugs would want to live in them.  So far, we have only hung or put up the winners of our little contests.