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Congress is Catching On…

July 30, 2011
Author: Miagro2000

Did you hear?  Congress members, even the President, are now on Face-book, and Twitter.  I’ve been using this now for two years to help support an on-line store, now the politicians have put a new twist on all of this.

While I try to market my wind chimes in hopes of making an extra dollar or two, they are now spreading news, propaganda, political mud-slinging, and occasionally, a bit of truth thrown in for good measure.

The only good thing is that once they post it, they won’t be able to take it back.  It will be a permanent record that “We the People” can monitor on a day to day basis.  I guess from that stand point it’s not so bad.  I for one, tend to get too much of Washington as it is…  All this gives me a bit of a head-ache.  Thank goodness I can come home each day to the tranquil sounds of my back yard wind chime.

We’re Live!!!

July 29, 2011
Author: Miagro2000
After months of blood, sweat, and tears…  not to mention many VERY late nights…  WindSong WindChimes has a new look!!!  And we’ve only just begun!
I did not know when I got into this, all that went into running a ecommerce web site.  I thought you put your product on-line and people stopped by, and bought it.  Wow was I wrong.
Google Rankings, SEO, meta tags, page hits, links, banners, pay per click adds, merchant accounts, key word saturation, blogging, social media….  Oh the list goes on and on.  Then when you get to the end…  Do it all over again for another page.  WOW…  All this for a Wind Chime???
I really wanted to learn all about it.  I wanted to find something my wife and I could experience together.  What a ride it has been…  And 2 years into it…  We are just getting started!
Glad you could come along!!!

Elephant Bells

July 24, 2011
Author: Miagro2000

When I was growing up, my Grandmother had a set of Indian Elephant bells hanging in her kitchen as a chime.  As kids, we loved to run the circle from the living room, to the dining room, and thru the kitchen.  Each time ringing those bells as we passed.

The sound of wind chimes often take me back to those days of my childhood.  I can almost hear the laughter of my siblings, feel the Love of my Grandmother as she cooked, and smell the aroma of the meal.  What a wonderful way to relax on a weekend, or unwind after a busy day.

Flying the coup

July 23, 2011
Author: Miagro2000

I just ran across a bamboo wind chime with a mama bird watching over her nest.  It reminded me of a bird family that would always build their nest on the outside sill of my parents house.  Year after year the nest would be built there and we could watch as the babies grew.  I especially liked to watch them as they were being fed.  The delivery of the meal would arrive and the open mouths would all be pointed to the sky.  This would fascinate me for days until all of a sudden, I would look out the window to an empty nest.

This year, I visited my Father who still lives in that house.  I had missed the activities of my favorite bird family, but I did see the nest.  The babies had all flown the coup, but I stopped to ponder the activities that led up to this years empty nest…  and smiled.

A Cat’s Dream

July 20, 2011
Author: Miagro2000

I have a nice dream catcher on my bedroom wall.  When even the slightest breeze hits them, the feathers shake very slightly.   It’s almost unnoticeable to me, but it drives my cats’ nuts! 

They used to crouch down inside the sliding glass door and peep at the birds that hopped across the deck.  Maybe they think the feathers on the dream catcher are the birds trying to sneak into the house.

Do you think that the Dream Catcher catches cats dreams too?

Beautiful Garbage

July 20, 2011
Author: Miagro2000

I’ve been interested in ecology for many years and was very happy to learn that one of the companies we work with builds bird houses out of recycled plastics.  They are very pretty and the substances they are made from makes them extremely durable.

With our worlds’ landfills over flowing with plastic garbage, it’s great to know there is a use for some of the things we have been simply tossing out for so long.

Be sure to look for the recycled products we sell on

Woke up on a vacation…

July 16, 2011
Author: Miagro2000

Last night I had my bedroom window open. There was a gentle breeze blowing that soothed me to sleep, as did the gentle song my wind chime was singing. As an added bonus, it woke me with a new song this morning.

Even though it was my own bedroom at home, the gentle breeze and the wind song of my chime gave me the sensation of waking up while on vacation. It was only the alarm clock that I had forgotten to turn off that broke the illusion of being on vacation.

New WindChime Site in the works

July 15, 2011
Author: Miagro2000

WindSongWindChimes is preparing to unveil a NEW LOOK! 

To celebrate, we will be having a Grand Opening Sale on our vast supply of Wind Chimes.

We would also like to thank all of our customers whose loyalty and dedication have made all this possible.  We are even gearing up for Winter already.  Have you got your bird feeders ready yet?

Keep you eyes peeled, and as always, Keep a WindSong in your heart!!!