We’re Live!!!

July 29, 2011
Author: Miagro2000
After months of blood, sweat, and tears…  not to mention many VERY late nights…  WindSong WindChimes has a new look!!!  And we’ve only just begun!
I did not know when I got into this, all that went into running a ecommerce web site.  I thought you put your product on-line and people stopped by, and bought it.  Wow was I wrong.
Google Rankings, SEO, meta tags, page hits, links, banners, pay per click adds, merchant accounts, key word saturation, blogging, social media….  Oh the list goes on and on.  Then when you get to the end…  Do it all over again for another page.  WOW…  All this for a Wind Chime???
I really wanted to learn all about it.  I wanted to find something my wife and I could experience together.  What a ride it has been…  And 2 years into it…  We are just getting started!
Glad you could come along!!!
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